14 Superfoods Carefully Selected

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Hippy Hippy Shake goes to Brazil

Hippy Hippy Shake gets put through its paces by professional kitesurfers in Brazil. 



14 Superfood Ingredients

Find out more about why we chose the ingredients in our superfood mix

The Ingredients


Vegetables without Vitamins

Why has there been a decline in the nutrient content of our veg?

nutrient decline

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I would just like to say that I’ve been into health foods and supplements since the 1960s and I am amazed that I felt a difference the first day, definitely more energy, never had that before. Your product either contains something I need, or all the components working synergistically together, but works for me.


"I found Hippy Hippy Shake very easy to use, a pleasant flavour and as well as the great feeling of all that power food inside of me first thing in the morning. I think it's really helped me maintain my health."

Sue Way, Acupuncturist

"Just wanted to give you guys a quick review on Hippy Hippy Shake. I have been taking this everyday as of March 7th, first thing in the morning. Its has been a month now and I feel so much more full of energy ! I just feel that I have been given this huge energy boost! I will continue to take this as I just love the fact, what I am getting is 100% natural with nothing secretly added! I would so much recommend this to all my family and friends !!!!"

Alexandra Farnham-Finch